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What is Counselling? Counselling


How does Counselling Work?

I like to build a trusting relationship and learn how other people see the world in order to more fully understand their issues. Being congruent in a warm and calm way has helped clients to put their trust in me.
Having a connection with the client determines how successful treatment is likely to be.

Helping to clarify and reflect on issues in a non-judgemental way enables clients to overcome blockages and express themselves in a beneficial manner.. Finding words for feelings, some of which may have been stored up for many years, and saying them out loud in a safe and confidential setting can be a powerful and relieving experience.

How Do I Know If I Need Counselling?

Only you can decide if you think you would like to try counselling. Sometimes problems can seem insurmountable and having someone outside of friends and family to talk to can be a huge relief. Feeling strong emotions such as anger, guilt, fear, doubt, frustration or sadness can be an indication of possible deeper issues or behaviours and you may feel ready to explore them and consider ways of moving forward in a positive way

How Long Does Each Session Last

There will be an Initial Assessment session lasting approx 20 minutes thereafter sessions usually last 50 minutes.

How regularly will I see my Counsellor and for What Period of Time?

Sessions are usually arranged weekly. The therapies I use are finely tuned to suit each client. Depending on the type of therapy required you may want short-term counselling ( 6 sessions) or you may wish to explore deeper issues and longer term counselling may be appropriate for this

Am I registered with a Professional Body?

I am registered with the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and I have to follow their professional guidelines.

I have professional Indemnity Insurance as part of this membership.